• Life Cycle Construction
  • When we talk about SoLEED Building Systems, the real questions that need to be asked are:

    1. Is it simple and efficient to build with SoLEED Panels? YES
    2. Is it environmentally safe to produce SoLEED Panels? YES
    3. Is it safe to build with SoLEED Panels? YES
    4. Is much waste generated when building with SoLEED Panels? NO
    5. Are there limits to design scope with SoLEED Panels? NO
    6. Is it expensive to maintain SoLEED Panels? NO
    7. Is there a payback for using SoLEED Panels over its lifetime? YES
    8. Is it expensive to live in SoLEED built home? NO
    9. Can you build safe comfortable healthy homes with SoLEED Panels? YES
    10. Are SoLEED Homes affordable? YES
    11. Will my SoLEED home survive severe weather or earth conditions? YES
    12. Do SoLEED buildings last significantly longer than traditional homes? YES

    SoLEED Panels buildings have a Life Cycle of 150+yrs, with environmental impact easily being offset by very high structural and thermal performance reflected is a 30%+ reduction in energy savings. The sealed envelope also provides high sound, fire and moisture resistance.

    The total cost to maintain a building structurally can be compared to any concrete construction, but it will keep SoLEED building, temperate as a healthy living environment.

  • Environmental Facts
  • Reduction in Energy Costs
  • Manufacturing & Recycling
  • Optimal Interior Environment
  • Mold and Moisture-Resistant
  • Termites
  • Strength/Longevity
  • Reduced labor Cost