• Life Cycle Construction
  • Environmental Facts
  • Reduction in Energy Costs
  • Manufacturing & Recycling
  • Optimal Interior Environment
  • Building with SoLEED Panels eliminates air infiltration through the wall assembly into a structure, which allows for greater control of a building's interior air quality. There are no drafts or cold spots, thus greatly reducing the amount of power needed for heating and cooling.

    Additionally, walls constructed with SoLEED Insulated Concrete Panels (ICP) dramatically reduce outside noise pollution. The result is a quiet and peaceful living environment.

    Sound Reduction

    As noise levels increase, particularly in urban settings, people crave the calming effects of a quiet environment. The SoLEED buildings can be designed to meet your project's specific acoustical needs; the polystyrene and concrete assembly means less outside noise gets in. With Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of 50 and higher available, SoLEED walls make indoor peace and quiet a reality.

    Fire Resistant

    The SoLEED Panels Walls are high rated fire resistant, tested at 4 Hours for 15mm thick wall and certified BB/FCW/1405/2009.

    Seismic Resistant

    The greater the mass (weight of the building), the greater the internal inertial forces generated. SoLEED construction with less mass is typically an advantage in seismic design. Greater mass generates greater lateral forces, thereby increasing the possibility of columns being displaced, out of plumb, and/or buckling under vertical load (P delta Effect).

    Earthquakes generate waves that may be slow and long, or short and abrupt. The length of a full cycle in seconds is the Period of the wave and is the inverse of the Frequency. All objects, including buildings, have a natural or fundamental period at which they vibrate if jolted by a shock.

    As a general rule, SoLEED buildings designed to resist earthquakes (shear walls), have also a great ability to resist blast (terrorism) or wind.

  • Mold and Moisture-Resistant
  • Termites
  • Strength/Longevity
  • Reduced labor Cost